The Forge Episode 23: “Education here, Education there, Education Everywhere”

Another month has come and gone, and we’ve finished another episode of the Forge. Check out James Gill (@jagill), Coach’s Eye, and how TechSmith tools are helping educators solve some of their problems in and out of the classroom.

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Here’s what happened on the Forge

James Gill is a Education Technology Coordinator just outside of Vancouver Canada at the 3rd largest school district in British Columbia. He and other teacher technical coordinator support 1900 teachers, and 30,000 students. In this episode, James talks about their teacher laptop initiative and the role screencasting is playing to help instruct teachers in the district.

James gives a few tips for making good screencasts for teachers. He recommends keeping screencasts to about 5 minutes. He suggests that 5 minutes in a screencast is equivalent to about 30 minutes in the classroom. He also suggests keeping to a consistent theme.

James also talks about how getting students screencasting can open up opportunities for students to show what they are learning in a different way. He also gives his experience with flipping the classroom.

Happy birthday Coach’s Eye! We talked with some of the Coach’s Eye team about how mobile devices and applications are starting to have an impact on education. Learn how to shorten the feedback loop cycle. Because of the technology and immediate ability to get and give feedback, Coach’s Eye is helping athletes, coaches, and other educators to help those that they work with to continue to improve.

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Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce is a Learning & Video Ambassador at TechSmith. A graduate of Indiana University’s School of Education’s Department of Instructional Systems Technology, he has ten years of experience working in learning and development with a focus on visual instruction. He has directly managed the training, user assistance, video, and other teams for TechSmith. Teach him something @piercemr