5 Tips for Making a High Quality Video for Your Website

David Bakke runs a small business and writes about money management, technology, and social media on the blog, Money Crashers Personal Finance.

Whether you’re a seasoned small business owner or a first time entrepreneur, creating a video for your website presents a number of challenges and opportunities. The marketing impact, as well as the chance to personalize your business, is indisputable. Creating the perfect video, however, is no easy task. Read on for some helpful tips on how to get started.

5 Tips for Making a High Quality Video for Your Website

1. Keep It Short

Attention spans are not what they once were. Your video should be concise and relay your message as clearly and quickly as possible. According to Visible Measures, 44.1% of web video viewers tune out after just one minute. If you think yours needs to be longer than this, consider breaking it down into separate videos and crystallize the message in each.

2. Generate Your Content Before Shooting

Creating a video with solid production value is not cheap and it should only be entered into with a well-mapped out plan. Write your content down in a detailed script so when the time comes to shoot, you know exactly what you want and how you want to frame it. Producing a video without a solid plan is a sure way to not only sap yourself of money, but to produce an inferior product.

3. Create Goals Beforehand

When sitting down to create your content, come up with a set of goals you hope to achieve with your video. Are you trying to appeal to your customer over the competition? Is your video instructional in nature? Are you simply looking to give a face to your business? Answers to these questions can help give your video direction and can end up informing everything you do, from how you craft your content to how your stylize and edit your footage.

4. Ensure Adequate Lighting

Once your message is ready, it’s all about the details. A poor lighting set-up is going to make your video seem amateurish and incompetent ñ and that’s the last thing you want to relay to your viewers. On the other hand, a well-lit video can project a sense of high production value. Consider shooting your video outside on a minimally cloudy day to diffuse the sunlight. If you require indoor shooting, use halogen lamps for a relatively cheap alternative to professional lighting rigs.

5. Use the Right Hardware

Professional level video equipment is cheaper and more accessible than ever, so you should invest your money in high-quality gear. Consider a high-definition camera with an adequate zoom capability, and one that supports SD cards so your memory capacity is not limited. If you’re not very tech savvy, stop by your local Best Buy or other electronics retailer and convey to the sales rep what you’re hoping to accomplish.

Final Thoughts

A poorly produced video may end up harming your business more than helping it, so if you decide to tackle this project, do it the right way. If you don’t have the resources to accomplish it now, put it on hold and focus on other areas of your venture, such as building a social media presence, while you generate enough revenue to make your video. An effective web video involves a significant commitment, especially if you’re a rookie, so be sure to wait for the right moment before you make yours.

What tips do you have for entrepreneurs creating their first video?