Add a Fade Transition to Several Clips at a Time in Camtasia for Mac

In this quick tutorial, I’ll share a timesaving tip showing how to add transitions to several clips in one quick sweep, and then how to edit those same transitions simultaneously. You can transition between clips in your screencast to indicate the passage of time, change in location, or even just to create a smooth flow between clips.

Add transitions to several clips at once:

First, select multiple tracks on the timeline, either by using Shift-click to select clips with your cursor, or by clicking and dragging on the timeline over the tracks you want to select.

select clips

Selected tracks will be blue as opposed to the deselected tracks, which are gray.

With the clips selected, go to the Transitions tab and select the transition you want to apply to the clip. For this example, I’m using the Fade In/Out Transition, but you can use any of them. Note: Audio Fade In/Out can only be applied to audio clips.

select a transition

Click on the transition and drag it to the timeline. As you hover the transition over the selected clips, notice that it populates not only on that clip, but all that are selected. Go ahead and drop the transition on the clips.

click and drag to timeline

Resize transitions on several clips at once:

If I really want my fade to happen faster or slower, I need to extend the transition so that it happens over more time. To change the fade duration on all of the three clips, I select those transitions using Shift-click (transitions are yellow when selected), and then click and drag the end of the transition to adjust the duration.

extend the transition

That’s all there is to it! If you have a timesaving tip to share with our user community, post it in the comments below or on

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