An Easy Way to Scale Embedded Video on

Previously, if you wanted to embed the video at a size other than its produced dimensions, you had to manually change the embed code. If you had non-standard dimensions, you may have had to do a little cross multiplication to keep the aspect ratio the same. (If you don’t keep the aspect ratio the same the video will be squashed or stretched.) recently added a convenient feature that saves you from having to manually change the embed code and/or do math. When you’re signed into your account, and click the share tab on your video’s view page, you’ll see fields as shown below. Enter the height or width you want, and will update the other field to maintain the aspect ratio. Next, copy the embed code for your blog or website.

Is there an ideal dimension?

Rules of thumb can be a little dangerous, but I’m going to throw one out there.

In general, it’s great to produce your video at 1280 by 720, meaning 1280 pixels wide and 720 high. It’ll look great on YouTube, an iPad, a monitor…and if you chop the dimensions in half, (640 x 360) it embeds nicely on a blog or website. Viewers can choose to watch the video at the scaled dimensions or enlarge to the HD 720p size.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis is an Educational Technologist at TechSmith. He works closely with the User Assistance team, doing what he can to help everyone be successful with our products.