Camtasia Studio 8: Full Captions Series is Live

Adding captions is a great way to increase the accessibility of your videos. Many rely on captions, including those with hearing impairments, non-native English speakers, and even those not able to play external audio. But did you know that captioning your videos also makes them searchable? Or that you can export your captions for translation or other uses?

The captions editor in Camtasia Studio 8 is rather robust. To help users with this, we created a full series of tutorials to help you with adding and managing captions. In addition to our helpful Speech-to-Text and Sync-with-Script videos, we recently added tutorials on:

Adding Captions Manually
Importing and Exporting Captions
Making Videos Searchable

Enough reading, get to watching! The entire video series can be found on our Camtasia Studio 8 tutorial page. Just look for the series on captions:

Detail view of Caption Series in the Camtasia Studio 8 tutorial table

Is there something else you would like to see a tutorial on? Let us know in the comments below or at