Editing Screen Shots for Process Documentation

Process documentation can be time-consuming, especially when you miss a step and have to do the process over again. Or maybe you’re documenting multiple processes that only differ slightly. Instead of grabbing screenshots for your documentation the traditional way, you may want to try this more efficient way.

Why not first use Snagit video to capture the entire process, then use the Capture Frame feature in the Editor to snag the screenshots you need. Need help with these first two steps?  Review this previous blog post on Using Snagit for Process Documentation. Then watch this quick video on how to make your screenshot look just the way you want by doing some simple editing using Snagit.

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it here.

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Erika Smith

Erika Smith is an Instructional Designer on the User Assistance team at TechSmith. She has a background in corporate training and development. She enjoys running, soccer, and home diy projects.