Create an Electronic Signature with Snagit

Each day, more contracts, documents, and other forms are being sent over the internet that require some sort of signature. This means more valuable time and money spent printing, handwriting, and scanning each and every file that comes your way. Thankfully, Snagit is able to save you time by taking your handwritten signature and turning it into a reusable image that can be applied to all electronic documents requiring a sign off. Below you will find detailed instructions showing just that!

Making an Electronic Signature

1. Start out by writing your signature on a blank piece of paper. As long as the paper is a light solid color or white, it should work just fine.

2. Upload the signature to your computer by taking a picture of it or scanning it.

3. Then, take a quick screenshot with Snagit (try our free trial!). This will allow you to bring the signature into the Snagit Editor.

4. Once in the Editor, select the Fill option with the transparent color and apply it to the background of the image.


Background Transparency

Mac:Background Transparency on Mac

5. Make sure to apply the transparency to smaller closed loops.

Transparency in Details

6. If your signature needs a little enhancement, try some of Snagit’s Color Effects like Histogram Equalize to give your signature a more defined look (Windows only).

Color effects like Histogram Equalize can make your signature more distinct


Before and after using the Histogram Equalize color effect

7.  Now that you have your desired electronic signature in Snagit, we can make it a Stamp for future use. Simply go into the Snagit Editor, click File > Save As

8.  In the Save Window, select the desired location and then save your image as a PNG file.


Having a folder for all of your Snagit Stamps will help you stay organized


Save your Electronic Signature Image on Mac

9. For Windows, Copy or Cut the Signature PNG file from a Windows Explorer window and navigate to C: > Program Files > TechSmith > Snagit > Stamps and Paste your PNG file.

Snagit Stamps File Directory

For Mac, click on the Snagit menu option and select Import Stamps.  Then navigate to where you saved your electronic signature.

Import Stamps on Mac

10.  Let’s test it! Open the Snagit Editor and select File > New Image.

For Windows, locate Draw tab and select Stamps > My Stamps:

Locate the Draw Tab and select Stamps

For Mac, navigate to the right and select Tools > the Stamp icon > Stamps > the Custom folder.  Then you should be able to see the electronic signature we imported:

Mac Stamp

11. Click on your electronic signature and apply it to the canvas:

Electronic Signature Stamp

Want more ideas and tips for how to create stamps in Snagit?  We have plenty to help you get started!