RIP Google Reader – How to Move Your Subscriptions to a Google Reader Alternative

If you’re reading this on Google Reader, you won’t be…as of Tuesday.

As you’ve no doubt heard, Google is pulling the plug on their feed reader today (July 1), so now is the time to change your blog subscriptions over to a different service.

Lots of TechSmithies (along with a few million others) have moved over to Feedly…which offers 1-click migration from Google Reader.

We’ve also heard good things about The Old Reader, the style of which is based on that of our once beloved Google Reader.

Importing into The Old Reader is easy!

Importing your Google Reader feeds into The Old Reader is a piece of cake.

Additionally, as the news of Reader’s demise spread ‘round the web, the scrappiest outlets sought to fill the void. There are rumors of a Facebook hosted RSS reader, but since it has not yet revealed itself, other suitors have stepped in. Digg, a news site that encourages sharing among readers, launched an alternative to Google Reader – which seems a natural fit. Even AOL (wait – AOL is still around?) has jumped into the fray with their “uniquely named” AOL Reader.

There’s always a last resort, eh? 😉

No matter which Google Reader Alternative you choose, it’s a good idea to backup your subscriptions anyway before the service goes kaput. Watch the video below to learn how to preserve your legacy of favorite sites – including the TechSmith Blog!

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