Help! My YouTube Video is Blurry

So, you just finished rendering your video and have uploaded it to YouTube. You then go to check your work and… what?! The video appears to be blurry and unreadable! Don’t worry, we can help. Understanding resolution and how YouTube works with resolution is the key to high quality videos. In this one-page guide, we explain how YouTube handles your video after you upload it and some tips on how to improve readability before you export.

Also, if you have wondered how zooming can affect the quality of your videos, check out Conan’s recent post.

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Ashley Pennell

Ashley is a Digital Media Intern who sometimes dresses up as a superhero. She also lived in Japan for a while so she will still talk anyone's ear off about it that will listen (and even those that won't). She dreams of owning a ranch full of capybaras.