How to Capture and Display Keystroke Data with Camtasia for Mac 2.3

When you use keyboard shortcuts like Cmd-C or Esc while recording a screencast, your viewers can be confused by seeing something happen on screen without understanding how you did it. You can help viewers follow along by visualizing these key presses as graphics that appear in your video.

Did you know that by default, Camtasia for Mac 2.3 captures keystroke data? When your project contains a .cmrec recording file, Camtasia can automatically generate keystroke callouts from that data, which helps your viewers visualize any keyboard shortcuts used during your screencast. For security reasons, Camtasia doesn’t capture every keystroke but instead focuses on common keyboard shortcut combinations that use Control, Option, Command, Function keys, Help or ESC.

Add the keystroke effect to your project:

  1. Click the Video FX tab.
  2. Click and drag the Keystroke effect from the Video FX tab onto a recording (recording must be added to the timeline first). A message on the timeline indicates that the effect has been added to your media clip. keystrokeNote: This effect can only be added to recordings that have keystroke data collected (e.g., screen recordings captured with Camtasia for Mac). If no keystroke data exists, the effect will appear to “bounce back.” To display keyboard activity for recordings that lack keystroke data, use the keystroke callouts found in the Annotations tab to add them manually.
  3. To reposition the auto-generated keystrokes, click on the red anchor point and drag to a new position on the canvas.keystroke move

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