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How to Convert Video to MP3 Using Camtasia Studio

Whether you’re a podcaster, teacher, or speaker, you may be interested in getting more value from your content by extracting the audio from a video file.

Podcasts are still alive and well, and the rise in prevalence of smart phones has only helped fuel more growth. According to a study conducted by Edison Research in 2012, 29% of adults have listened to an audio podcast, up from only 11% in 2006. A quarter of podcast listeners report listening to podcasts in the car with their smartphones connected to the audio system.Vdeo to mp3

Listening to streaming radio and podcasts will become even easier, now that auto makers are creating touch screen displays with smart app technologies that allow users to stream radio right from their dash. A survey conducted by Harris Interactive in April, revealed that 57% of American adults believe the majority of people will listen to streaming radio over traditional AM/FM channels in 5 years.

Apple’s Podcasts app and other apps such as Stitcher have made it easier than ever for users to download or stream their favorite podcasts to their smartphones and car stereos.

No matter what the subject, duplicating your video content into the podcast medium would be a wise move.

Video to MP3

This step by step tutorial will show you how to convert the audio from any video, into a MP3 file using Camtasia Studio (We’ve got a 30 day free trial if you’d like to try!).

Can’t see the video? Watch it on Youtube!

How to Upload to iTunes and Stitcher

Now that you have your MP3 file ready to go, you’re probably dying to know how to put it on iTunes and Stitcher to have it available to millions of users. Follow this quick guide on how to upload a podcast to iTunes and Stitcher.

  1. Choose a podcast hosting service to upload your content and create an RSS feed. There are plenty of free and inexpensive services available. A couple sites to check out are PodBean and libsyn.
  2. To feature your podcast on iTunes, fill out this form and submit your podcast feed URL. Complete a similar form for Stitcher.
  3. iTunes and Stitcher will then review your submissions for approval, and you will be notified via email when the process has been completed. iTunes has this handy page for any other questions you may have about their podcasting service.

Just like that, your video content has been converted into an audio mp3 file that is available to millions of listeners worldwide through Stitcher and iTunes.

Have any tips or tricks for podcasting? Comment and let us know!