How to Override Snapping in Camtasia Studio 8

“Ooo! Snapping!” is typically what users say the first time they try to line up a callout with a title slide on the timeline. Indeed, it is quite convenient to have your hand slightly guided when you’re first learning to edit. Inevitably though, at some point in the maturation from newbie to vet, you’re likely to find yourself occasionally spouting “ARGH! SNAPPING!!!” and wishing you had more precise control over durations and timeline placement. Luckily, there’s an easy way to politely decline the snapping services in Camtasia Studio.

In the video below (1:42) I cover how to override snapping on a case-by-case basis (Spoiler: Use the CTRL key) as well as how to turn it off altogether – if that’s your wish.

Can’t see the video? Watch it on instead.

Special Note for Camtasia for Mac users: The trick above should work for you too but instead of Control, try clicking on your media and then holding Command to override the snapping before repositioning.

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