Improve Your Screenshots by Framing Your Image

Some images have a natural border, while others require you to decide where an image begins and ends. For instance, if you use Window capture, the captured window is its own frame. With a Region capture, you decide where an images borders are.

Depending on why you’re using a screenshot, sometimes more context means more information. Other times, cutting out the surrounding context makes a screenshot stronger.

Consider these three images. They are all variations of the same screenshot, each one framed slightly differently. The difference in framing changes the information each image presents.

three variations of a screenshot

Let’s look at each image and see how the differences impact the focus of each image.

Full Desktop 
full desktop image

This image provides context of the desktop. It shows the parent window, giving a sense of place and workflow. This kind of image is great if you need to provide context of the big picture.

To improve it, you might provide even more context along with some stamps to indicate the process of opening up this window.


window capture

Capturing just a window (which is especially easy with Snagit’s All-in-One Capture®) narrows the scope of the context. There’s no longer any information about how you got to this window, but what is there is easy to see. Frame an image like this when how you got to this window doesn’t matter, but you still want to present all the information the window has to offer.

Torn Edge
torn edge image

Using an edge effect, the scope of the window capture can be drastically reduced. The edge of the window is still there, providing a visual anchor, but anything extra is cut away. In this image, the thing that remains is the main focus while the surrounding context falls even further away. This is a great way to showcase specific options while maintaining a little bit of context.

Depending on why you’re using an image, consider how you frame the content you’re showing off. The way an image is framed can shift the focus and help you communicate different information.