Meet Image Size Requirements using the Fixed Region Capture in Snagit on Windows

In Snagit on Windows, use the Fixed Region capture type when you want to:

  • Save time and skip resizing captures in Snagit Editor.
  • Repeatedly capture the same location on the screen.
  • Capture specific dimensions to meet an image size requirement.
  • Capture a series of images all at the same size.

Capture an Image at a Specific Size Requirement

  1. In OneClick, click the Classic Capture Window button.
    Classic Capture Window button
  2. Select the Image Capture Profile.
  3. In the Profile Settings, select Capture Type > Advanced > Fixed Region.
  4. Select Capture Type > Properties.
  5. The Capture Type Properties dialog appears.
    Fixed region dialog

    • Enter the desired dimensions and a fixed starting point (optional). Use the fixed starting point when you want to capture the same area on the screen repeatedly.
    • Click the Select Region button to select the dimensions from a region on the screen. For example, I want to capture the same size for these three buttons, but I do not know the dimensions.
      Example to capture
      With this option, I can select the area and Snagit automatically fills in the dimensions into the dialog.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click the Capture button.
    Capture button
  8. If you selected fixed dimensions and a fixed starting point, the capture opens in Snagit Editor. If you selected only fixed dimensions, the orange crosshairs appear with the preset rectangle, move the rectangle over the area you want to capture on the screen. Click to select the area within the orange rectangle.
    Move fixed region, click to capture

The capture opens in Snagit Editor where you can preview, edit, and share the capture.

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