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Protect Yourself from Piracy this Holiday Season

Thinking of treating your loved ones to that awesome program they can’t stop talking about but can never seem to justify buying? The one with the big price tag but even bigger value? It’s the perfect gift for your tech wizard nephew or your aunt who just loves graphic design. And what’s more, you just found it on a deep discount from a reseller. It’s the perfect gift! At the right price!

The perfect gift, that is, unless your seemingly-legitimate reseller is actually a not-so-legitimate pirate.

Making sure your purchases are legitimate

Pirates can use your information to commit identity theft or install viruses on your machine — some decidedly un-holiday-like activities! The best way to ensure your software is genuine and safe is to buy it directly from the manufacturer or from an official reseller. TechSmith offers online sales through our store or from our list of approved resellers.

Always register your software. Most pirate resellers go to great lengths to discourage product registration with the original software company. If registration is discouraged, it’s a sure sign something is wrong.

Check the return policy. Legitimate resellers will have a reasonable return policy and a way to handle credit card charge backs on disputes.

For more information about the risks associated with piracy and the benefits of genuine software, please visit our website.

Dewey Hou

Dewey Hou is the VP of Product Development at TechSmith.

  • He has been with TechSmith since 1990
  • He has always dreamed of working for a small software startup
  • His favorite pastimes are exploring Michigan by bicycle and playing the violin