Pull out part of your screen in Camtasia for Mac

A while back, one of our fine users asked how he could zoom in to only part of the screen. Even though zooming the entire video is easy, sometimes he needed to keep the context of the rest of the screen or window while showing the details of just a part of it. I’ve had the same need from time to time.

In one video, for example, I wanted to demonstrate how changing the properties on the right side of the application affected what showed in the middle.

Unfortunately, when I zoomed in to show the properties menu clearly, most of the affected area moved off-screen.

So, I used the cropping tool and some animations to zoom in on just the properties menu, while keeping the entire affected area in view.

Here’s how:

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Conan Heiselt

Conan is currently a User Experience Designer who used to be an Instructional Designer and Systems Engineer but was originally going to be a Graphic Designer who instead ended up studying Asian languages for a while before moving on to other things. Aside from figuring out how to make interfaces that are easy and enjoyable , Conan spends time remodeling his house, fixing a garden tractor older than himself, riding his Harley, and taking apart/making things with his kids. He also likes tinkering with 3D printing and electronics.