Reverse the Effect of an Animation in Camtasia

How to reverse an animationLast week, a viewer of one of our Camtasia Studio product webinars was chatting us up and asked if it was possible to reverse the effect of a visual animation. In this short video tip (4:16), we show how to easily do just that.

This technique can be used to animate callouts, images, clips, etc. If you plan ahead, you can save yourself a step or two, but it’s really not much harder to add the reversal after the fact (both methods are covered in the video).


Note: This works for Camtasia Studio 8.1 and also for Camtasia for Mac 2.4, however the Mac animation hotkey is “Option+A” instead of “Z” and the menu options will read “properties” instead of “visual properties”. 

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on instead. 

Let us know in the comments below how you might use this technique. If you have any examples to share, even better!

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