Smart Player Resources for Camtasia Studio 8 Users

A few weeks ago, I spoke with a customer who was trying to use interactive hotspots in her video. She originally reached out to me after she produced her video and discovered her hotspots weren’t functioning. As I started to troubleshoot with her, I began to realize that her difficulties had less to do with hotspots and more to do with the TechSmith Smart Player. Her hotspot set-up was fine. She just didn’t have a clear understanding of how to get the files she needed for the Smart Player up and running on her LMS.

The good news is: we were able to work together to get her video up and running. The not-so-good news is: she wasn’t the first customer to have difficulty understanding the Smart Player as it relates to interactivity.

That being said, there’s still light at the end of the tunnel. We have some Smart Player resources already in existence that are aimed at solving user needs like the one above. Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you haven’t. But in any case, it probably couldn’t hurt to do a resource refresher.

The TechSmith Smart Player: What You Should Know: If you’re unsure of what the Smart Player is or how it can be of benefit, this introduction video is a great place to start.

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Host the Smart Player On Your Own Website: It’s true. You can! Originally part of an earlier blog post, this video walks you through the process of taking produced files from your hard drive, uploading them via FTP to a web server, and then checking to make sure everything works.

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Share Outputs For Interactivity & Quizzing: This document provides information on which share outputs are optimized for the Smart Player, and provides a foundation for you as you create your multimedia assets, screencasts, and captures.

Camtasia Studio: Hotspots/Jump To URL do not work in produced video: If you’ve ever tested interactive content from a local machine and found it doesn’t work, this could be due to your Flash Player’s security settings. This article details how to configure Flash Player to allow Internet communication.

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