Tips for Getting Precise Captures in Snagit on Windows

Snagit offers several ways to get precision in your captures during the capture and editing processes. Use these tips to help you get exactly what you want in your image captures.

How to Get Precise Captures

Use the following tips to capture exactly what you want when selecting an area with the All-in-One Image Capture option. To learn more about All-in-One Image Capture, see the tutorial Using All-in-One Capture.

  • Press M to toggle the magnifier on or off. The magnifier shows a zoomed in view of the capture selection area. Use the magnifier for pixel accuracy.
  • After clicking and dragging to start the capture selection, press the Arrow keys on the keyboard to move the capture area over by one pixel at a time.
    Press arrow key to move selection by one pixel

How to Get Precise Alignment

The Pixel Grid option in Snagit Editor can help you to line up or control the spacing of objects and annotations on the canvas.

  1. On the View tab,  select 600% or higher from the Zoom dropdown.
    Zoom dropdown
  2. On the View tab, select Pixel grid from the Show/Hide group.
    Pixel Grid option

For example, I want to line up these two callouts on the canvas.

Callout lineup example

When I turn on the Grid lines option and zoom to 600%, I see that the callouts do not line up. In this view, I can see how much I need to move the bottom callout to the left for the two to be aligned.

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