5 Tips for Planning Your Big Move with Snagit

So you’re in the midst of planning your big move and you suddenly realize it’s a much more overwhelming process than you originally anticipated. You need a way to research different apartments and houses, plan out floor plans, and collaborate all of these things with the important people in your life. Thankfully, Snagit can help you out.

Compare Housing

If you’re moving into a different apartment or buying a new home you’ll want to compare anything from prices to kitchen cabinets, and everything in-between. Snagit lets you capture any image to visually compare almost any feature you can find. And remember—Snagit also works with images from your digital camera or smart phone.

Plan Your Layout

With our new Blueprint Stamps (Win/Mac) it’s easier than ever to plan out what your future home may look like. Add couches, beds, tables, and more to get a better idea how your furniture will fit into your new place. Want more? Check out all of our free, downloadable Snagit Stamps!

Collaborate with Others

Snagit outputs make it easy for you to share any of your ideas with the people close to you. You can send a quick Screencast.com link through email, add images into an Evernote Notebook, or post your content directly to Facebook and Twitter to get a large group perspective.

Get Organized (Windows only)

You can organize captures using specific keywords to allow you to search and find images based on a certain subject or criteria. Snagit lets you easily mark the houses that have key amenities and even group them by a specific price range. Whether you want to use a keyword for each house, or simply keep track of key features, Snagit makes it easy to keep all of your content in one place.

Create a Shopping List

Once you find the perfect place to live, you’ll need to fill it up. Whether you need a new couch from Ikea or a headboard from Furniture Row, you can snag all of the items you need to give yourself a visual buying guide.

We’d love to know what other big projects you’ve been able to plan with Snagit. Have you checked out our tips for using Snagit for summer projects, perhaps? Please share in the comments!