This post will try and track known issues with the Jing Project. It will also be updated as we figure out answers and/or new problems. We’re also tracking bugs in our Support System.

Windows Client

Crash when launching:

FIXED IN 1.2.4 There’s currently a bug where Jing expects the date format to be English United States (M/D/YYYY). This means that if your Windows settings are set to anything else, we crash with a System.FormatException. We’re currently working on getting a fix out for this as soon as we can.

After capturing, preview window does not display correctly:

FIXED IN 1.2.6If you have Windows set to use large fonts, the Image and Video preview windows do not display correctly. It looks like the bottom of the window is cut off. This is currently being investigated.

Install hangs or fails with .NET install:

Installing the .NET Framework 3.0 before installing Jing may help with this. It can be downloaded from Microsoft here. After that is finished, the Jing install should work.

Unable to register hotkey message:

(Partially)FIXED IN 1.2.4When launching Jing you may get messages that the hotkey can not be registered. This may occur if you’ve launched 2 copies of Jing, or you have another program that is registering the same hotkey. As of 1.2.4 you can only run 1 copy of Jing at a time.

Jing stops responding after standby or locked mode:

FIXED IN 1.2.5On XP, when you return from standby mode or a locked machine, Jing’s ‘sun’ and/or History window may stop responding or stop drawing correctly. The only work around right now is to restart Jing. This is currently being investigated.

Unable to send links via MSN Messenger service:

WORKAROUND IN 1.2.6Currently when trying to send links via MSN Messenger service, the user sending the links will see them in the chat window, but they are never received by the other party. This also seems to be happening for clients that interact with MSN such as Trillian. This is currently being investigated. Updated 8/08: We have a workaround for this issue. Read about it here.

Audio input device is incorrect:

When recording a video, Jing currently uses the first audio input device found. There is currently no way to configure this in the software and we are currently looking for a temporary solution.

Mac Client

Be sure to check the release notes for version 1.2.5 for details recent fixes.

Can’t move the Sun:

You can drag it by clicking in its center, or if you first hold down the Shift key. It can only be placed in certain locations: any corner, and along edges except where the Dock or Menubar are.

Video recording does not record sound:

Be sure the Mute button has not been turned on. Also, in your System Preferences, check the Sound panel’s Input tab, and be sure the microphone you want to use is the chosen device for sound input.

Video does not record

We are currently investigating a few reports of this issue. Please check if your audio device is turned on. If turning it on fixes this problem for you, please let us know via feedback.

Unable to send links via MSN Messenger service:

FIXED IN 1.2.6Please see the note in the Windows section above.