Snagit 11: 10 Great Tips & Tricks for Creating Great Images

Over the years I have developed several quick tricks that help me create images that convey their intended message.

I have put my top 10 tips and tricks into a short, illustrated PDF guide that you can download here:

For example, I’ll show you how to quickly de-clutter an image so your viewers can really see what’s important.

I would love to hear about your tips and tricks for creating great images. Just use the comments area to share what works for you!


Kelly Mullins

Kelly Mullins is an Information Developer within the User Assistance group at TechSmith.

  • Her hobby is collecting creepy, vintage clown dolls so as to protect children from their strange and menacing influences. Her coworkers haven't fared as well.
  • Her reading list includes anything "Nero Wolfe" and vintage Mary Roberts Rinehart intrigues.
  • She is a year veteran Power Seller on eBay peddling all manner of junque-n-stuff nobody really needs.