Use FTP? Here’s the Jing Wrapper and Embed Code

Hi everyone, I’m posting this on behalf of Brooks Andrus–the guy who’s behind the new Jing player. Take it away Brooks:

So here’s the problem: Some people want to use Jing with their own FTP server, but they want it to function in a more sophisticated way than just throwing the h.264 MP4 file up there. Some people want their own embed code and the ability to control video behavior. Trouble is, this can become an activity that’s not for the feint of heart you might say.

To make it easier to get started, I’ve provided the Jing player files, some sample embed code and created a “how-to” video that will show you how you can incorporate the files and custom code so Jing videos on your FTP server will act similar to Jing videos on

Steps described in my video:

  1. Obtain the files. <-- I zipped them up here for you.
  2. Upload the files to your FTP server in the correct folder.
  3. Customize your FTP button(s) in Jing.
  4. Enter basic FTP information.
  5. Enter custom code. You can paste and modify my supplied code from the text file. (Note: the bug I refer to at the 2:00 mark only refers to Mac Jing and is now fixed.)
  6. Test the FTP button settings.
  7. Make a Jing video and give it a try!

Try watching the video in full screen mode for a better experience.

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Mike Curtis

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