Using Presets in Snagit

Find yourself using the same screen capture workflow time and time again? Forgot about a presentation and need edited images in Powerpoint quickly? By creating a preset in Snagit you can bind a multi-step process to a hotkey to save time and effort on oft-repeated tasks. The more effects you usually add to an image the more time you can save with presets. Let’s begin!

The Basics

If you aren’t familiar with presets in Snagit, the default list is right below the standard capture options in Snagit 13. Click here for a tutorial on how to create custom presets.

Presets in Snagit 13

Get Fancy

Presets are useful not only in time saved, but in consistency of images. If you’re creating a set of 20 images that all need to be cropped with a border, drop shadow, and stamped with your company’s watermark, create a preset! There’s no need to do each one by hand.

Creating a Custom Preset

You can even set a custom destination to make sure all of the images go into the same folder, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. While we’re on the topic of destinations…

Send A Snag to Multiple Destinations Easily

One of Snagit’s default presets is “Send to Google Drive”. With this preset, anything you snag can still be edited but the share button is replaced with a finish button.

Sending a Capture to A Web Destination
Once you press finish you will be presented with a option for titling and choosing your google drive folder. From there your image will automatically upload and a link will be provided. This saves you from uploading each image manually.

Custom presets can be created for any of Snagit’s output destinations including but not limited to: Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and non-web applications like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. You can also add multiple destinations if you’re looking to save the image in multiple locations. Just like any preset can be bound to a hotkey if you find yourself sending to a particular destination or set of destinations often.

Capture… through time!

Interval capture is a lesser known feature of Snagit. If you need to capture a snag every minute, hour, or even second, interval capture will be your new best friend. While interval capture can be used without a preset, it can be a chore to edit the numerous captured images manually. By creating a preset with a interval capture and other settings such as a watermark or scaling, you can save a lot of time and effort over editing each image individually.

Interval Capture

What’s your preset?

Presets can be very unique depending on how you use them for your workflows. If you have any cool presets you use and would like to share please comment below. We love to hear clever new ways presets are used!
If you haven’t used presets before, can you see yourself using them? If you don’t have Snagit but think this can save you time, grab our free trial and give it a shot!